Type 2 Diabetic with no health insurance

Just informed by my job today that our health insurance was not renewed. I have had type 2 diabetes since 2009 and now take 3 different pills. I also have High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and bad asthma and take meds for those too. They told us we “might” get the insurance back by January. My boss said the insurance company made mistake but I called them to ask and they said it was my job’s mistake. I know the fiscal director had been making a lot of errors and then all of a sudden she announced her retirement and left 2 months later. They said we have to pay out of pocket for our meds and fill out a form to get reimbursed. I priced all the meds to get me through til January and it’s over $1,000. I cannot afford that and I am going to get the pharmacy quote and give to my boss and request the money up front. I am beyond livid. I have been there for 29 years and this should not happen.

Sign up for ACA coverage. Losing health insurance makes you eligible. You have until 12/15.

ACA website is very easy to use. Pick a silver plan if you can.

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Do not wait, look for insurance now, any insurance. The meds will cost you arm and leg without it.

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The ACA has been great for me in the red state ofTexas. If you don’t live in a rural red state it works great. Covers all my meds and blood work and doctor visits. My plan will even cover certain insulins but I am not there yet.

you can also talk to a real live person who’ll help you sign up for a plan. I did. They answer the phone right away.


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Signing up for the ACA is the best idea. You can also shop around on your own for med’s using websites like GoodRx, or check out the low cost med list at places like Wal-Mart and Target. Often there are basic drugs like metformin for diabetics or blood pressure meds for as low as $4.