Type 2 Diabetics: We don't have it 'easy', and we deserve community, and support, too

I am very, very sad today. I miss my dad a lot… and yes, I’m sacred. Often, I don’t sleep well late at night, thinking I will have the same fate. I am scared that the diet and exercise will stop working, and that whatever meds they put me on then, will stop working, and that even the insulin… will not be enough.

I am sad, and I am scared, because my dad went through all of that, in such a small amount of time: He was diagnosed at 40, and died at 63. Yet he was just a Type 2… who managed his Diabetes as long as he could. I am sad, and angry, and I feel ostracized because many people react like we chose our disease, and like we have the ‘wrong’ form of Diabetes… or like we can make our Diabetes magically go away. I don’t think my dad chose dialysis, amputation, blindness, the loss of use of his legs… My dad was not a thin man when he was diagnosed, but he was not obese either.

My dad lost whatever extra weight he had, and got really thin (too thin) and he followed the diets, did the exercises… and Diabetes was manageable, for a little while.
He took the pills and Diabetes was again, manageable for a little while…
And then he took the insulin… and things, again, were just manageable… for a little while…
And then he died.
He lost his war against Diabetes… Just like his father before him… and his brothers before him.

We have it so ‘good,’ they say… So good that we don’t get the complications right way… Oh joy, that I won’t have to have a foot amputated today, but maybe when I’m 63, like my father. I just have it so ‘peachy keen,’ don’t I? I won’t die now, but maybe when my children are young adults, and need my guidance the most… Like my father did. Why do we have to play these games, of “I am more of a victim than thou and more righteous than tho” because I got the ‘proper’ type of Diabetes? Why? Can’t we just support each other, and help find a cure?

When I was a child, I never understood why all the marathons for raising money were just for Type 1, and meanwhile, my dad was slowly dying… Just a little more, at a time, every day. I thought people didn’t care about helping save my dad. I for one, did not choose to develop Thyroid problems, and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and metabolic malfunctions that triggered severe insulin resistance, and made me overweight. I have never been much of an eater to begin with. I was a thin, thin child… and my parents would try to force me to eat, every day. I was not diagnosed with most of these issues until I was 16 years of age, and am still having thyroid issues, and being changed meds all the time. People like me gain weight because of the diseases… They did not develop the diseases because they gained weight.

I am tired of feeling like I have to apologize to others, for somehow having gotten ‘the wrong kind of Diabetes.’ I am tired, and I am not going to do it anymore. And whoever wants to cry me a river, and have a ‘who’s the bigger victim of this disease’ competition, quite honestly, needs to go to therapy. We deserve support too, and caring and compassion. We deserve ACCURATE information in the media. Not the nonsense and drivel they keep advertising every day, like Diabetes somehow only affects old people, and overweight people. All the old people get the economic assistance… but if you’re young, and lost your job, and have diabetes, you are SCREWED.

I want to fight this together… But I am not going to let myself be pushed around by anyone, not even other Diabetics, regardless of how much more of a victim they may feel themselves to be. This is OUR community, too… and we deserve it, as well. Last I read, the top logo didn’t say tuT1diabetes.org. It said tudiabetes.org. So please… spare me the abuse… I don’t know what my tomorrow is going to look like, but I keep trying, just like everyone else. I’m just going to worry about my today… because somehow, tomorrow… will take care of itself. Even if I die at 63.

I can fully understand what you saying. I was dx’d 11 month ago as a type 2 diabetic it wasn’t something I asked for. Neither was the heart disease I had dealt with for the past 13 years something I ask for. All my life I have been extremely active by working, powerlifting,bicycling I watched what I ate made sure I got plenty of sleep. I did everything I could to be as healthy as possible. Then one day 13 yrs ago I reported for rollcall I was a County Deupty I started having slight chest pains. Within an hour I was loaded in a squad car headed to ER, after some tests they found one of the main arteries in my heart was 90% blocked. So they did and angioplasty which caused me to have a heart attack with only slight damage to the heart,but I went into difib and had to be shocked back. After I was released from the hospital I noticed when people were talking I couldn’t hear them very well. As a result of the heart attack and being difibulated I lost my hearing which cost me my career as a County officer. I never asked for any of this come to find out its in my genes I was told theres nothing you could have done to stop it. It was bound to happen I had lived on heart diets for 13 yrs and 4 stents later 11 months ago I was told I was type 2 diabetic. This pissed me off I asked how can you end up being a type 2 diabetic living on a diet that is made to keep you healthy. I got told its in your genes your parents had it. So it appears we are all in the same boat more or less. None of us whether it be type 1 or type 2 ask for this disease to attack us, but we have to deal with it theres more strength in numbers than there is one standing by themselves.

I’m Type 1 & don’t feel Type 2s have it any easier, are to blame for this disease or can more readily control diabetes. In many ways I think T2 is as difficult as T1, not that anyone should get into a debate about who has it worse. Meds stop working or have side effects. Being bombarded ad nauseum with the message that T2s are to blame because of “lifestyle choices” is an additional burden that no one should have to bear.

I think Type 2s need lists of proactive endos in each city and state. Therapy chould change at least inasmuch as adequate amount of test strips should be prescribed. How can you control your blood sugar if you don’t know what it is? More blood sugar testing should be done. Fasting, before every meal, one and a half hours after every meal, before bedtime and throw in a 2am check a couple of times a week. If diet and exercise and oral meds don’t help control blood sugars, why isn’t insulin prescribed? Caretaker of a Type 1 and I am thinking and advising as for a Type 1 but this just seems like common sense for both types. Those with Type 2 with great endos should list them somewhere on this site. I think it is much harder for Type 2s to get proper treatment and complications are being suffered needlessly. Your post is very sad. Don’t give up! Fight!

P.S. I don’t think you caused your disease by poor diet and/or lack of exercise. Genetic cause; insulin resistance starts long before weight gain and is the cause of it.