Type 2 illeal operation

I’ve been a new member of this site and read many things I live in Turkey Here we are treating type 2 diabetes with ileal interposition surgery Have you ever done that before? all of you be good

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Thanks what is your name btw?

Nowadays, the surgical techniques for treating type 2 diabetes (T2DM) include: Ileal Interposition (II), Ileal Interposition in combination with Sleeve Gastrectomy (IISG) and Diverted Sleeve Gastrectomy (IIDSG). These procedures are not only for obese subjects, but are also used for non-obese subjects. These types of surgical procedures can improve glycemic control, and lead to a significant reduction in oral hypoglycemic agents (OHAs) and insulin therapy. The results of various studies have shown the safety, feasibility, and efficacy of the surgical procedure for the treatment of T2DM. Although it is an effective treatment option, this procedure is not recommended for general use and long-term studies are needed to confirm these findings and potential side effects on a larger number of patients.Hi,Sterling I am Nancy ,type 2 26 almost 27 years here is some information: this is from DiabetesMedical Journal. I don’t think this is used here a lot. But people do have weight loss type surgeries. Nancy50

Hi @Sterling. We generally just use the screen names here, and adding the @ sign helps because then the other person gets notified that you’ve mentioned her or him–like I just did with yours. So @DrBB works.

To respond to your original question, there are surgeries that people over here get that help with T2 and I believe that’s one of them, but they’re for pretty extreme cases, usually obesity, where traditional therapies of diet, exercise and medications like Metformin aren’t effective. A friend of mine recently had bariatric surgery for this reason and it seems like it’s helping.

Can I ask what your interest is—are you considering surgical treatment? I understood that you were originally concerned about the effects of Accutane, but of course these kinds of surgeries wouldn’t have any effect on that one way or another.