Type 2 in Germany?

I just found out I’ll be moving to Germany in June, and I’m a bit nervous. I’m a Type 2 with “okay” control (6.6 A1C), moving to Erlangen for a fellowship at the Uni there. There are so many questions to think about! Where do I find the food staples I’m used to (like peanut butter, or Splenda) or what do I substitute? How do I find and endo? What can I expect from the endo? How will my diet and exercise habits change (read: very much, most likely)?

Anyone moving to another country is filled with questions, and having a chronic condition like diabetes just makes it more complicated. This is a big event! It will be me, my partner, our daughter, and our dog… much more than just “hop on a plane” and go!

I’d love to hear from members in the Erlangen/Nürnberg area!

I moved abroad one year after I was diagnosed with diabetes… so I know the extra work that it takes! I think it’s great that you are doing this!

My recommendation is to bring enough medication with you for the whole year if possible-- or at least for several months to give you a chance to figure out how to get it there. They may have the same meds there, but it is sometimes difficult to get without being in the national system.

As far as peanut butter and splenda, bring those with you too! You can usually find good natural peanut butter somewhere, but I have never seen Splenda in Europe. There are other good sweetners (usually in liquid or tablet form), but I still import splenda :slight_smile: in addition to what I can get in Europe. When people visit you, request more :slight_smile:

Also if you do carb counting, the you should invest in a food scale once you get here-- most of the nutrition facts give the number of grams of carbs per 100g of carb (instead or per serving or per cup). So a scale is useful!

Hope that you are excited despite all the preparations!

Thanks, Kristin.

I’m in Nuremberg now, brought PB and Splenda like you recommended. My US doctor gave me new prescriptions for all my meds, and the “Apotheker” here told me that he could take them (meaning I don’t have to have them re-done by a German doctor), so when I do I will find out if the drugs are at all the same.

One thing I’ve noticed is that, now that I’m doing so much more walking, I’ve been having some pretty hard lows (from the Glucotrol). I’ve been here 6 weeks and I’m still adjusting to the change.

I’d love to hear from any members in the Nuremberg/Furth/Erlangen area!

Hi Michelle!!

Glad that things are working out well!!

I found the same thing that my blood sugars are lower in Europe cause I walk/use public transport everywhere. :slight_smile: Hopefully once you adjust you’ll be able to control the lows. Make sure that you always have some fast acting carbs on you. I use little tubes of cake icing…

If you travel to Budapest, let me know!