Type 2 is at least partially an autoimmune disease! Proof!

NEWS! Type 2 is partially an autoimmune disease.


I always suspected that inflammation played a huge role in my own diabetes.

Don’t blame the diabetic!

Don’t blame the type 2 diabetic!


This is the article the Newshound was commenting on – Newshound was basically saying the same thing but not as well.


But don’t read the comments because they are the same sick, ignorant, biased stuff you don’t need to hear. I am always amazed and horrified by the venom these stupid, ignorant people spew out with a self-righteous air – and the worst part is that they seem not to even have read the article they were responding to!

All I know that since I have my BS under control my weight is alot easier to control. I had been thin as a child however at the end at diagnosis and the onset I was literally starving to death. I know that now. Natalie I read your link. Yes, lot of venom out there.