Type 2 Prevention?

YES YOU GOT IT RIGHT! This is not one of those scam miracle cures you see all over the Internet. This is tried and true by no less than millions of savvy folks who are at risk for the Big D. Many of us already knew this.

No less than web md recently had an article touting type 2 prevention. Yes WEB MD. And backed up by New England Journal of Medicine article on a study at Harvard School of Public Health et. al. PRETTY IMPRESSIVE EH?

Okay so what's the catch. Here it is. Being overweight or obese is THE #1 risk factor for type 2 diabetes. If you have other risk factors such as being over 40 and having a family history of Diabetes you can avoid type 2 Diabetes by eating a diet low in fat, high in fiber, excercising 30 min a day 5 times a week, losing weight and perhaps taking some medidcation.

The studies show over 50% reduction in diabetes for those who followed the regimen.

So for those of you who don't have it, listen to WEB MD. Trust me you don't want to get the BIG D.