Type 2

I was just checking my sugar and checked for the first repeatedly and each time i got different glucose readings. Is that normal? it was 299, 185,235,272…so, what is my numbers? I tried this on two machines and it came out the same way.

I don’t know but those are high numbers nun the less (though the 185 isn’t that bad) … I do know that readings can vary from location to location that you use to check your readings and can vary greatly if the area is wet or contaminated with something.

I don’t tend to take more then one reading, I’d drive my self nutters I am sure if I did (that and my finger tips would be more painful then they already are.

I’d take the first reading only because it would be the only reading I myself would have taken and recorded.

You also might check the batteries, low batteries can also give off readings … and your best bet is to get one of the testing kits that will give you a reading to see just how accurate your machines really truly are, if they are really out of wack from the test then all your readings have been out of kilter and a new meter is in order.

There will be some variation from reading to reading as there are variations from strip to strip. ±20% variabilty is what FDA has allowed for meters but I hear that this may change in the future to ±10%.

If the meter and test strip is bad you can check by using a control solution to make sure that the system is working properly.

What meter are you using?

Did you wash your hands before testing? Are you re-using lancets? Both those factors can make a difference, as well as the fact that you are using two different machines, presumably calibrated differently.

Did you check with control solution?

There is a 20% variance permitted (as noted above.)

Meters are less accurate in higher and lower ranges. So it may be even worse that +/-20% then, but I’m not sure.

Anytime you are high, it will bounce all over. Both at higher and lower ranges, meters lose accuracy, and the boundaries depend on the meter, and temperature. What it IS telling you is to lower your carb intake per meal, and if your numbers continue high, go back to your physician with your test results and a record of what you’re eating and exercise time, and say: whatever I’m on isn’t working: look at this.

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