Type 3 Diabetes?

Many don’t know of this, but there is a “type 3 diabetes.” What the #*!! is that you ask? Type 3’s are people who don’t have diabetes, but may be married to, live with, take care of, or simply care about type 1’s and 2’s.

Our loved one’s, spouses, significant others and friends not only need to know about our condition, but Want to be involved, Want to help, and Want to understand.

We often shut them out or don’t communicate well with them as a part of our vital support group. We often want to deal with our condition ourselves and feel as though we don’t want to “burden” our loved one’s with our issues.

Certainly it’s very important to know how to take care of yourself and always be prepared, but the type 3’s are critical to our well-being. It’s your duty as a type 1 or 2 to educate, share your emotions, feelings, and at least the basic of diabetes so they can be a part of your life, just as you want to be a part of theirs. Type 3’s knowledge and education you share with them just might save your life one day. It’s also an excellent way to build strong relationships.

I agree Stu! It is very important to have a support system. It also helps to have people that can keep you accountable. My mother wasnt checking her sugar like she should but when we found out that I also have diabetes I started nagging her about it and now she checks it everyday like she is suppossed. I know that people dont like to be nagged but sometimes we need it. The way I see it is that when you are getting on someone about their health it is just a way of showing how much you love them. It is more common that the ones who really care are the ones that are less afraid to ■■■■ you off by telling you something unpleasant that you really need to hear.