Type II, pregnant, will deliver in August - what happens in the hospital with my insulin and glucose checks?

I was a gestational diabetic in 2003 with my first daughter, and this time I’m a Type II. I cannot for the life of me remember how it went with my first delivery as far as glucose checks and administering diabetic medication, but that was almost 5 years ago, so policies could have changed… Plus, when they checked my blood glucose after the birth, I was no longer diabetic, so I didn’t even need my insulin anymore. I do VAGUELY remember them checking my blood glucose more than once during my stay… I can’t remember if I also chose to use my own glucose meter (probably not, since they were telling me I was back to normal).

So… specifically in the U.S. (New Jersey if any of you are from here too), what should I expect when I’m in the hospital to deliver? (Or heaven forbid for any other reason…) Can I continue to check my own blood glucose and administer my own insulin, assuming I am conscious and coherent, or will I become completely dependent on the staff to do everything for me (something that will make me insane… control freak that I am…) ?