Type One Diabetic ID Patch?

Been looking for a Type One Diabetic ID Patch for my backpack. Only found 2 in all of the interwebz! Google type one diabetic id patch and you’ll see the basic white one’s I’m talking about. Does anyone know where I can find any different ones?

What do you need them for?
And why don't you wanna use the ones that are on the market?
Maybe you can design one on your own that fits your expectations?
Sorry I am no more help, I didn't even know that those existed before i read your discussion…
Good luck on your search

So if I keel over from a low people wont just assume I’m drunk. And like I said I’m looking for something besides the 2 I found. There are a couple of sites where I could make my own…but not really wanting to go that route.

I assume you already opted the possibility of Medical Alert bracelets out…
bc Laurens Hope has some nice ones, maybe you can put them on your backpack.

The white rectangular one is from an etsy site. It apparently is popular. The owner is "on vacation" to catch up on orders. She sells many types of alert tags, etc, of course. That white rectangle is the one I would get if I were going to put it on a backpack or diabetes bag.

I would recommend just going with a bracelet or necklace since EMT's are trained to look for them, not look for a tag on your backpack.

^^^ I have a ID bracelet and dog tags but would like a velcro patch for my bag.


I am sorry, then I can't help you…
still, good luck