Type one diagnosis after age 40?

Who has recieved a type 1 diagnosis after age 40?

I was diagnosed in January of 2009 at the age of 59.


Did this seem strange to any doctors you had? How did you find out? How was your health before hand? I hope you dont mind me asking so many questions.

September 2009 age 57

I believe this is actually more common than believed. There was recently a WSJ article on this - http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10000872396390444840104577553462450522098.html.

Type 1 at age 50. There has been lots of discussion about this in the LADA group.

2005, at age 55. Not properly diagnosed until 2011!

October 2009 at 49; zero family hx of T1 but riddled with T2s. Figure THAT one out...

went from being T2 to being T1 at age of 55.

February 2007, I was 60

I'm the only T1 in the family

My primary caught it at my annual physical as my fasting number was quite high. She had me test for a week and all readings were high. She put me on oral meds because of my age, assuming I was T2. But, she also immediately made an appointment for me with a CDE in the same practice who confirmed I was T1. I had been very tired, run down, drinking, peeing constantly. I knew the symptoms of T1 as I had a T1 uncle, but honestly thought I was too old to get it. So it isn't just Drs. that are clueless.

Late onset Type 1 at the age of 63, although of course the original diagnosis was for Type 2.

T1 Aug. 2011 at age 47

Type 1 at age 58 but was misdiagnosed Type 2 for 15 months until the pills stopped working.

Me, age 42, January 6th, 2010. Antibodies positive, still honeymooning:).

Type 1 at age 49 with a strong family history of Type 1 (including a couple diagnosed in their 30's),but no Type 2. I really thought I was too old, but fortunately my primary care doctor knew better, and started me on insulin right away. I feel very fortunate to not have been misdiagnosed.

I didnt know. I am all new to this. Thank you

Overwhelming, I know. Check out the discussions when you get a chance. You can learn so much here as well as get plenty of support. Good luck.

type 1 at age 50 in 2011. No family history of T1 or T2.
sudden onset, all the classic T1 symptoms, antibody positive (ICA, GAD ), rapidly dropping
C-peptide numbers.