Type one diagnosis after age 40?

Type 1 at 40 too. 1st Type 1 in Family.
April 2012.

at age 42 and a half , January 1983 ..on meds ...6 weeks later on insulin ...as I recall names such as type 1 , type 2 were not used

to a great extend as done today

I was diagnosed at 47 and still unsure what type. Oral drugs did nothing and had to go on insulin within 3 years.

Diagnosed T1 at age 57.

I had a LADA diagnosis at age 53, after not being able to keep my A1-c down as a type 2 diabetic of twenty plus years. I had all the symptoms: tired, thirst, unexplained weight loss, etc. Antibodies were found during routine testing, and I got a pump right away, after MDI didn't sufficiently control.

Me!! Age 45. It’ll be a year 12-27-12. Still learning everyday. Love my CGM. Still can’t believe I have D from time to time. No type 1 in my family. Pray my kids don’t get this and I’m thankful everyday that I had 45 years without D in it.

I feel the same, Molly. I can't say I'm grateful to have Type 1, but I'm sure grateful to not have gotten it earlier in life. I got mine a month before I retired. Now I have a new fulltime job!

I see my friends getting breast cancer or worse and I say at least I can manage this to a certain extent. It is a full time job that’s for sure. One good thing about it though, is that I have a better appreciation now for things that I used to take for granted. Off to inject my Lantus. :slight_smile:

Molly I am a breast cancer thriver since Dec. 1984 , almost 2 years after being diagnosed with diabetes .Here to tell the diabetes and the breast cancer story !

Age 53. Diagnosed as T2, but about 5 months later, confirmed that I was actually T1. I am on insulin now. Quit the metformin since it wasn't doing anything. Had DKA and pancreatitis. No T1 in my family. Grandma was T2 but was overweight. I was 120 pounds when mis-diagnosed as a T2. Blood sugar control was such a nightmare that I was literally afraid to eat! Now weigh around 100 lbs. I'm not afraid to eat anymore, but clearly see better BG numbers when I am eating lower carbs. I'm still shocked by the diagnosis.

Diagnosed Type 1 at age 55. We have a big club here!

Yes, we do. Our next discussion might be, "Why?" Although that has been a forum topic a time or two previously. Newer members must have some ideas.

If by "why?" you mean why all of a sudden there seem to be so many Type 1's diagnosed in older adulthood I think the answer is that there were before, but nobody acknowledged it, diagnosing them as Type 2 automatically due simply to age.

That certainly is a possibility. There is some thought about there being an increase in other auto immune conditions as well. Perhaps for the same reason but I'd be curious to hear other ideas.