Type Size?

I have been a D1 for almost 50 years and this type size is WAY TOO SMALL for some of us. Is there anyway to make the basic type size larger? Please!

Please comment, those of you who struggle to read this! Callibri 11 is a standard, but on this site, it is unacceptable!

If you hold down the Ctrl key at the same time as you hold down the +(=) key, the font size will increase - this will work on a lot of web pages but not all. It depends on how the page was coded.

You can also decrease the size of the font by holding down the Ctrl key at the same time as the - key.

If you keep bumping the + or - key, the font will keep increasing or decreasing with each bump. Make sure that the Ctrl key is still down while you are bumping the other key.

You can increase the print size in your browser – I have mine set for larger. In IE, under the “view” menu, select “text” and then pick the largest size. Also down in the bottom right hand corner, there is a little magnifier and probably has 100% - change to a higher number. In Firefox, hit “ctrl” and + at the same time to increase the text size.

This works great for me – I have an iMac computer and I’m viewing with Safari as my browser:

I hold down the “Command” key and hit the plus sign until the type is right for my eyes.

Whew, when you said “type” all I could think of was Diabetes Type, and thought, “Type size?” What on earth is he talking about…hmmm…there are other things in life besides diabetes!

If you go to the Tool bar and find font - you can increase or decrease the font size to something that is more comfortable to you.

Wow! Thanks for the tips! All these years working on computers and I never knew that!

Still, it seems to me that this site should increase the font size to make it easier for all of us.

I have problems here as well. My issue is the contrast. The size is okay, but the gray color makes it hard to read. Any way to make the text black?