Type x below name when posting?

@Luis3 Not sure whether it will work for you

But try going to the home page by clicking on the TuDiabetes Logo above
Then go to edit your profile that’s at the top

It should give you the choice of your display name that you can add/change etc

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Yeah, but no, I tried that putting it “ Luis type 2 MDI” it still shows that on my profile but doesn’t display on posts, Still Luis3
Ah well. :woozy_face:

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Since Tudiabetes switched to the Discourse platform in 2015 this is the first time this issue has come up and no thought has been given to how this process works. Since this issue has been pointed out I have been researching it, I have learned a little bit but don’t have all the answers. This is what I have learned.

Title choices are derived from the badges you have but not all badge types are available to be used as a title. If you to wish have a specific title you must first have the badge that corresponds with it. If you have no qualifying badges there will be no Title menu shown on your profile page.

What I don’t understand is how some badges are assigned. There must be something that triggers the system to assign a badge to an individual. Some are easy to understand such as the regular and leader badges, these badges are awarded when you achieve the corresponding trust level.

I haven’t discovered what triggers the ‘Type 1 or LADA’ or the ‘Type 2’ badge to be granted. My guess would have been the answer to the ‘Type diabetes you have’ question found in user profiles but this doesn’t seem to work. I haven’t given up yet and will continue trying to figure this out.


Thanks, Gary
From: Luis Type 2 MDI.


I found where it listed all members with the Type 1 Lada badge. It was in 2020, @DrBB was last one added.


I found that second profile preference area — I think I got it.

Edit: nope. Still didn’t save my name change :confused: