type1foodie.com -- one month live!

today marks one month since i went live with my recipe site, http://www.type1foodie.com.

if you haven't already, would you check it out?

find (& like) my facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/t1foodie

They look delicious! I've just wrote a blog post here about how I want to go on a 14 day healthy eating bonanza so I'm on the look out for tasty recipes! Also, super big GIANT star for adding in the carb counts, as a T1D and a cookbook lover having recipes with carbcounts always makes me bookmark the page :)

Keep em coming!

I love food and cooking good food. Although I am T2, I am always looking for good ideas and I liked some of your recipes. What do you think makes for a perfect bolusworthy T1 food?

Thanks Shonelle, thanks Brian! Bolusworthy food -- fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade bread (croissants apparently make the list), and chocolate. :) Though only once a while for the bread and chocolate. I am trying to eat lower carb.

Yummo looking stuff there … i might have to make the chocolate peanut butter soon!

Thanks everyone!