Ubuntu: "I am because we are"

I admit it (those of you who know me know this): I am not a huge sports fan (except for the Soccer World Cup… and perhaps the Eurocup, that is underway now).

But last night many of our TuDiabetes members from the US Northeast had a reason to celebrate as the Boston Celtics took home the NBA Championship.

One thing among all of it caught my attention (quoting from the NY Times):
"… the Celtics were persistent, and unified, staying true to the South African theme of “ubuntu” that they established last fall. The word, introduced to the team by Rivers, literally means “I am because we are” and was invoked when the Celtics opened training camp, with the newcomers Garnett and Allen joining Pierce."

Thank Mick, our doc, for bringing up Ubuntu! :slight_smile:

This made me think of TuDiabetes… how we are one big family where new folks that arrive become one with the ones that have been around. We all are it! We are the family.

So, congrats to the brothers (and sisters) out from the Northeastern part of the US for the victory last night. May you celebrate in Celtic style! :slight_smile:

Ubuntu!!!!! Ubuntu because I was born and raised a Celtics fan! Ubuntu because we are the World Champions! Ubuntu for Ray Allen's son Walker, because he is now a part of our family! Ubuntu because of my experience with diabetes! Ubuntu because of Tudiabetes!

Ubuntu, Mick!!!

Thank you Manny for indulging my need to spread Celtics joy!

Ubuntu!!! has a very powerful meaning!!!

I am so proud the Celtic’s won!!! Unbuntu!!! Go K.G. (The Big Ticket) I always thought he derserved a ring, so does Ray Allen and Paul P.

"I am because WE are"

YES. Ubuntu.

I am because We are.


as a lifelong fan i know that the los angeles lakers will heal from the ubeatdown that they suffered from the mighty boston celtics. congrats beantown well done.

until the rivals meet again i suppose i can “get my ubuntu on” with dr.mick the celtic fan and the whole tudiabetes community:)

I love that we can all celebrate the ubuntu spirit, regardless of our team loyalties. It is a concept that I think works really well for this community.

Larry “Ubuntu” Bird would be proud. :slight_smile: