Ugh...all I want is a good night sleep

Pump alarm at 1 am. Forgot to calibrate CGM before sleep.
Barking welsh corgi who doesn't like thunder..
And he cannot tell time either...
He woke me up...10 minutes earlier than my alarm clock..
He is back lying in his dog bed almost asleep...

Hi gingerchick. I'm surprised your corgi didn't want to be petted for 10 minutes! My old Golden likes to go outside and find the stinkiest spot in the yard to roll in. Then she comes in the house and with her 12 y.o. eyes she begs, "Pet me!"

Hope you have a good day today, then get a good night's sleep tonight. Well, and give your corgi a pat from me.

Sorry Ginger that your night has not gone well :( Personally, I sleep like a baby if undisturbed...but once woken up in the middle of the night,it takes me forever to go back to sleep. My dog Snowy (Westie) also shows anxieties towards thunders and firecrackers. But I love her terribly. Hope you would have a better rest/sleep tonight :)

At that time of morning I get alarm fatigue...and then my dogs won't let me sleep til I check a sugar. Thanks Cookie and Sophie,diabetic best 4 legged friend

I tried to nap today. Dex alarmed low - fs was 80-something and my low alarm is 70. Fell asleep again. Mailman came, 2 Jack Russells had to alert me that the dangerous man was here. Fell asleep again. UPS came. I'm up, and like yours my girls are fast asleep.

Trudy, yes, the "Mom I perfumed myself just for you, why won't you pet me" look. Know it well LOL