Ugh squirrel, it wreaks havoc on my bs

After 8 months of calling and asking questions I finally found a nurse who, disgruntled on my behalf, put in some work to find the sharps drop off locations in my town. She was livid that I’d been given the run-around and couldn’t understand why no one had an answer for me. She called me the next morning after we talked to give me the locations and had a copy for me to pick up. I feel like I should send her flowers or a thank you card or something. She went above and beyond when no one else would. Wonderful nurse and I hope good things are on their way to her!

I also just got back from a trip to Wisconsin for a small family reunion of sorts. My great Aunt lives there and she has a beautiful house in the country with a large garden. It was just beautiful and peaceful. My blood sugar was so much better there, with all the fresh veggies and walks. It was so calming and left me with a feeling of better health. There is certainly something to be said for having food for dinner that you picked in the afternoon. Amazing. Returning to Fl, has only highlighted how much better I felt there.Now that I’m home, I’m getting back into the routine of being home and making healthy meals for the family.

My brother surprised me with a food scale, it was a very thoughtful gift. I was excited to use it and found fairly quickly the cause for some lows. Over estimating carbs is not a good thing. hahaha This scale has like a thousand presets and I was tickled/sickened by some of them. Squirrel meat is not something I really think of as part of a balanced diet. Also the sort of people who own food scales probably aren’t out there gathering squirrels. Perhaps though that’s just my own preconceived notions. Another particularly disturbing preset was “Human Milk”… is that necessary? REALLY? Don’t you hate it when you have all this Human milk and you just can’t figure out the carbs? sheesh, if I had a nickle! I really can’t think of a reason for needing the nutritional content to your own breast milk (dear god i hope it’s your own.) I know that many new mothers use breast pumps but are they really measuring it out in such a strict manner for their babies? (dear god I hope it’s for babies.) Unless someone can convince me otherwise that is just messed up all the way 'round.

Great news about the great nurse!

That’s great that they have breast milk on the scale :slight_smile: Some babies are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when they are still breast feeding. They need to receive insulin boluses to cover the breast milk. I have read about parents who find it so hard to guess the carb count of the nursing baby’s meal. So I guess pumping and weighing it would be an option. It makes me so sad that there are babies and parents who need to deal with this crap too.

I SOOOO want a garden now-- so Wisconsin sounds GREAT!

Make me smile:) I too love eating from the garden. Here in MO the tomatoes are ripening, squash is pickable, cucumbers daily (in cream/vinegar/dill dressing)…so many great choices in about 3 more weeks! I had to laugh when I saw the reference to squirrel…my brother is here and decided he wanted to go hunting like when he was younger…and came back w/ 4 and insisted on feeding them to us. Everyone just starred at the serving plate…I ate cucumber salad and cottage cheese! Long live the mighty squirrel!

Thanks for the laugh!

Hey are u in Tampa? Where is the drop off?? I always give my sharps to my mims friend who works at the hospital.