UHC did not add my 1100 to deductible. Please help

I have been on the Dexcom for about 7 years. I always buy it right away so the 1100 dollars goes to straight to my 3000 deductible. I purchased the Omnipod and Dexcom in January. I purchased the Dexcom from Edgepark. Now UHC is not applying my 1100 to deductible because they are saying I needed I medical necessity letter. Which has been on file since I was diagnosed 8 years ago. What do I need to do to get this applied to my deductible?

Best to ask UHC why. Maybe they require a new letter after certain time. Maybe they made a mistake. Check for specific reason for not being applied.


Yes, I agree. Talk to UHC directly. Probably billing but? Make sure you tell them you have the letter on file already. That you do this every year and you have never been required to have a new letter before. Be very specific about getting the exact answer from them so you can find out what you should do. You do say you bought the Omnipod too. The Omnipod could be under different billing, pharmacy versus DME.

It might be easier to ask your doctor to write a new letter and just submit it to them