Umm...I am a Diabetic

I was looking for a double A battery and found my old One Touch Ultra Smart - ever since I got the One Touch mini I minimized my diabetes to a morning and night 30 minutes episode… let me explain - the mini meter gave me a “lightness” that I didnt have. After decades of carrying a bulky meter, a bag with extra siringes, alcohol pads, all of the sudden I had this tiny little meter that was goingto deliver the smae results as the bulky one!
It didnt! Really, I got used to the lightness, the minimized version of my Diabetes and soon I got too comfortable!
For the past months I’ve forgotten what is to be a diabetic - freedom wasn’t free!
I skipped meals, I skipped injections and I indulged in the most high carbs, rich desserts I could possible could! i slpet late, I drank alcohol and I smoked one cigarrette a day - and I felt badly - physically but not mentally!
All until today - as I laid in bed this morning thinking what jam to have with my pancakes - ithit me!!!

I am a diabetic!!! and I am sick & tired of being sick & tired!
You guessed right…no pancakes - just egg whites, spinach & salsa with a tall glass of skim milk! Yummy!

stay tuned for more!!!