ok in my nine years of pumping i havent had this happen…put in my site the other day and had it in a day or two and it got really red so took it out now i have a red area the has spread to about a dime size…ever happen to anyone?

Yes, about four times a year. Several times over past five that I have been on the pump it has resulted in having a pocket of pus inside, once had to have in lanced by doctor. If this is an ongoing problem for you have your doctor prescribe a antibiotic cream that you can rub on after you remove our inset and that will normally keep these situations in check.
Meanwhile, keep an eye on it and if it gets worse call your doctor and stop by in the next few days.
If you want you can try to squeeze it if there is a hard lump inside and see if you can get the fluid out,sometimes that will start to resolve it.
Hope this helps,

thanks and yeah i was kinda thinking that was the case but was like uhh this has never happened before thank u tho!!

Just another diabetic benefit LOL

Yes - this happens to me weekly…no pus or anything…just a red swollen area for at least 7 to 10 days…it is itchy as well. Not fun but in the year and 1/2 of being on the pump this has always happened to me.

In my case it was a Humalog allergy and only went away when I switched insulin.

Lukey - Several weeks ago a couple of companies recalled their alcohol swabs, one of them being Trident (that was what I was using}. Since then I have switched to B&D and haven’t had the redness that was occurring before. Billie

You can try putting hot compresses on it. Just take a “rag” or washcloth and run it under the hottest water you can stand. Put it on the area until it cools. You can repeat every 20minutes, but I usually do it in the morning, after work, and before bed. I have been classified as a “MRSA carrier”, so I am doing it to draw out any “potential” infection. If it gets larger than a quarter, go see a doctor to get it lanced.

Funny I had the same problem with Humalog. 12 hours into an infusion set and this plus blood sugars > 300.