Lizmari- That’s funny about your cell phone. When I was a kid our home number was one number off from the local pizza delivery. So every friday and saturday different people would call usually 2 or 3 a night. As soon as we said, “hello” they would just start ordering. It was funny, one night my brother just took orders and told them it would be delivered soon. Mean huh?

hehehe! Yeah… My husband is suggesting I tell them I’m a disgruntled mall employee… and give them all kinds of wrong info. lol


Good to find out that I’m not the only cell-less one.

Right, because how could there be life before any of those places came along! heh :slight_smile:


I get the same comments because I’m not either. Doesn’t stop people from sending me the endless invites to view their FB photos & join them on FB.

MySpace makes my skin crawl… like a playground for pedophiles, etc. lol


Too funny.

On another note of dumb things people have asked me… I once had a lady ask me “Is Albania in Germany, or in the United States?” lol … I was kind of shocked and silent for a while… and then I replied “Sure, it’s a little south of Duluth, Minnesota.” hehe >:)

When I was 2 years old, I wore glasses. People would ask my mother why. Her reply: because there was something wrong with my feet.

Wow… sounds like she was one deeply frazzled employee. lol

hehehehehe love it!

Thanks for sharing, Danny… :))

Do people really announce that they’re going to the bathroom? LOL!

Yes… also about how they farted, and also about how certain pictures resemble private parts, among other things. lol

Everything is worthy of a blog, tweet or FB entry. Who cares? Minutia elevated to the level of absurdity. As if people weren’t self-absorbed enough before these came along.

I get more “follow my blog” invites than I know what to do with… I don’t think I could personally keep a blog going, other than my random musings on TuD, or Facebook (which I keep to keep more in contact with my family since I have a HUGE family. I have over 60+ family members on there… lol Hey, it’s easier than making phone calls, and I’m too lazy to make an e-mail list… hehehe I just write a status message and everyone knows. lol) But I don’t care about keeping “tight” blogging schedules… etc… If I’m gonna do that, someone better be paying me! lol

Does your driveway adjoin another yard? Wondering if she banged on the neighbors door instead. Who knows, but with an attitude like that she shouldn’t work where she can interact with the public.

Yeah…not likely someone your wife would want to get too agressive with!!!