Unconvientional things you use with your pump thread :)

Well I got to thinking I use some strange stuff with my pump so I wanna see what you guys all use.

Instead of normal tape I use 3M Vet wrap usually something you see used on horses. It comes in bright fun colors sticks to almost everything and peels off semi okay :slight_smile:
I like it because of the fun colors and I I like to tape down my tubing so it’s not hanging. I have also used it to tape my pump down to my side(when i coudln’t stand it hanging) Thought I’d share that also pretty cheap to get as well. Did I mention comes in fun colors.

Stickers on my infusion sets! YUP! super fun I don’t buy them I just stick sickers on them. however you can buy them at
www.groovypatchs.com another something that I think is so cool :slight_smile: especaily if your into arm sites :slight_smile: Just thought I’d share!