Undermining trust: Medtronic/Animas Animas Pump Return Offer

If you still have an Animas pump, you may have received an invitation to return the pump and receive “up to $750 when you return your pump to us.” Unfortunately, the web-based process for returning the pump doesn’t inspire confidence in the shell of Animas that still remains after Medtronic’s take-over. As reference, the pump return web page is https://pumpreturn.animas.com/pumpreturn If you go to this page, you will see the following examples of ineptness, if not outright incompetence:

None of the links at the bottom of the page work: “Important Safety Information,” “Privacy Policy,” “Legal Notice,” “Notice of Privacy Practices,” “California Compliance,” “Patient’s Bill of Rights and Responsibilities.” Apart from being an example of incompetent web site design, these dead references may also be a violation of California’s privacy laws.

Filling out the web form reveals more of the same incompetence: a check box acknowledges “I have read and understand the terms and conditions of the Program. I agree to my information being used for the purposes described within. Further, I acknowledge that participation in this program is voluntary and my personal information will be governed by the Animas Privacy Policy.” What is the Animas Privacy Policy? The policy is supposed to be found at https://stg.acquia.animas.com/privacy-policy but clicking on the link brings up the following page:

Proceeding to the page despite the security warning brings up a login prompt:

An obvious – and not rhetorical – question: how is the web-only process supposed to inspire trust that personal health information (PHI) will be protected? Moreover, what’s the message when Medtronic/Animas prompt customers to acknowledge reading a Privacy Policy that is unavailable to actually read?

So basically, an “https” URL isn’t all that secure. Awesome. Not.

When I clicked the privacy section on the bottom of the form page, it went through just fine. When I copied and pasted the link, it didnt. People are already receiving their gift cards and this morning I got a call from Animas CDE’s (as they said they would be doing) calling to see if I had made other choices.

The privacy policy link here is still going to the bad page:

I looked at the certificate policy details info and it indicates that the domain specified in the cert doesn’t match the url of the page. So yeah, security fail.

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Mine went through with no warning when I clicked the link that said Privacy Policy, way at the bottom of the page where you fill out the form. I dont think they are trying to get away with anything here.

I don’t think so either, but that wasn’t the claim. Just that they were being inept. I don’t think it’s a huge thing—I’ve certainly seen worse—but if I was running the site (and that’s what I do for a living), I’d certainly want to correct it. I hunted for any kind of tech contact to let them know about the cert. issue and couldn’t find one. Also poor practice.

So from a technical standpoint, why is the page link working but the copy and paste gives a security warning?

https://www.animas.com/privacy-policy This is on the page, and is working.

Puleez! Animas is dead and has been since 2018. Medtronics has taken over their business. And this is their last ditch effort to herd the remaining Animas users to the Medtronics pumps. And those CDEs? Sales people! Isn’t it obvious?


The link I screen-shot goes to a URL that starts with “stg.” That signifies a staging site–in other words, it didn’t update to the live URL when they pushed the site to production after testing it in a staging (stg) environment. Well, it happens, but it’s kind of embarrassing if you’re the developer so I wish there were a “webmaster” link I could report it to. As you say, the links in the page footer are fine. I couldn’t replicate the cut-paste thing. Worked for me either way.

What browser and operating system are you using?

On Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari with Apple’s iOS and macOS, what should be hyperlinks in the footer at https://pumpreturn.animas.com/ are simply static text. The same for viewing the page in Microsoft Edge with Windows 10 — there are no hyperlinks.

Moreover, when I contacted Medtronic/Animas “Pump Return Team” at 1-866-221-2606 more than a week ago about the erroneous Privacy Policy link, the customer service rep confirmed that the link led to a login prompt.

Why I ditched them for Omnipod the minute they started to close. And I was in a focus group where we had all the little gimmicks Medtronic was going to use, run past us. I voted every idea down and left many critical comments.

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Willow4 – Yes. But they will give you a $50 Visa card for returning the old Animas pump. I told them I have switched to Tandem and have no interest in Medtronic. $50 is $50. I’m still pissed at Animas and sent them all my old, useless supplies as well.

They will give you $750 for your old still within warranty Animas Ping or Vibe. I wish you had not sent back the supplies since giving them to someone who will continue to use their Animas will extend their pump usefulness to them.

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