Understanding Why Older Adults With Type 2 Diabetes Join Diabetes Online Communities: Semantic Network Analyses

Great read!


Interesting study. I’m happy to read that the Diabetes Hands Foundation made this study possible. Their scientific conclusions are congruent with what many of us here understand on a gut level.

I thought they might cover more about the understanding of medical information made possible by community. Our time with doctors is so small. I think participating in a community online allows us to distill, synthesize, and add to the often incomplete info we get from our docs.

I believe that writing about our health and its implications allows us a way to process our health situation and come to a better understanding and acceptance of our health status.


First off, we need to know what is understood by “older adults”. Is it 60…is it 80?
As an 60ish older adult, I have to say that coming to a diabetes online community
is not for hand holding, but more for kindred community.


I love this … kindered community … well said! And yes, that’s a huge part of my participation … being/playing a part of a kindered community! :slight_smile:

I must say though, I do like helping, even if it means holding hands. I needed this when I was first diagnosed and am eternally grateful for all those who were there for me when I needed it!


Yes…I too would be much more likely to offer help, than to request it.