Unhappy Endo

Please refer to my D-Blog, The Corner Booth, to read about my recent visit to my Unhappy Endo.


I can’t get my comment to take on your blog. One thing I know is after living with this disease for 13 years, I will not allow a doctor to scold me for what I have or have not done. Until they live in my shoes, or pump as the case may be, they have no clue how difficult living with diabetes truly can be. When I was pregnant with my 1st child in 1998, I had a low of 30, and of course, my blood sugar was 240 when I tested in the morning. My OB asked why I let it happen and I asked him when was the last time his blood sugar was 30? Touche, he responded.

Do you have a support group? Ever been to therapy? It might help you get back on the wagon, although you are allowed to fall off now and again. It happens.

Hang in there!