United with love

The world is a terrible place with many conflicts,problems and economic problems.
We are here united for diabetes,love for mankind,compassion, democracy and understanding for each other.The world is divided,sick with its problems but we will never be.
We escape to a loving community here,for true friendship,for trying to make the world a better place.
The mankind started with Adam & Eve,from there we all arrived to take our chances in this beautiful creation of God,called life,leave our mark and then leave.
Manny created a community full of love,respect and from there we started…

Yes and I am thankful. How different would this world be if instead of pointing fingers we simply held out a hand an asked what we could do to help :slight_smile: I am as guilty as any I just hope if God allows my breath for another year that my hand is out more to help and my finger that points stays with the rest of them in an outstretched reach to support another.
What a beautiful world this would be
Be loved Sohair don’t forget you are

Sohair…you are music to our ears