Unitedhealthcare decision — a step backwards for pump access (AGAIN)

Many times the company will give u a benefit sheet during the interview to sell their company to you. Do not ask. Review the sheet to see if they have bcbs, Aetna or whatever. Benefit are very expensive for a company, and u do not want them to think u will be out of work excessively if it is between you and another person. If they make an offer and not talked about benefits ask them about it as you would like to review the entire package. Then call the insurance anonymously and find out what they cover as all bcbs pals are not the same

I did like the insulin cooler, horrible and expensive

As far as I can tell, they are not in network for DME supplies, so they won’t work. That said, I have not felt like calling them or pursuing them much at all as from what I hear from most people, they are just as bad as Edgepark.

It certainly doesn’t help that my insurance is from another state and so I can’t actually get any info on who is actually in network since my policy isn’t with BCBS of NC. My employer’s search tool is absolutely abysmal for finding DME suppliers, particularly for supplies that almost always have to come from somewhere far away. Even the insurance company’s search is just as bad, though unlike BCBS of NC I can at least use it without having to enter in my plan info (which always ends up redirecting you to the employer specific site). Even the customer service people at the insurance company are unable to search for suppliers in network for insulin pump and CGM specifically, and are still limited by distance from my home zipcode when they search. Edgepark doesn’t even show up on the list because it is outside the maximum search area.

My wife uses ccsmedical and edwards - no problems with them

she uses ccs for tubing and edwards for libre - happy with both

Did you try contacting your HR dept? They helped me identify DME supplier, as they often have contacts who can find answers quickly, not calling the general 800#.

I am using Byram, and no issues over last 5 years. Prior to that, my pump and cgms were pharmacy, and I used Foundation Care, also recommended after calling my HR dept.

Do they have online ordering where you can go online and shop for things? I have looked at those before but their websites seemed sparse if I recall.

Yeah I did try contacting our benefits team, but that didn’t help too much as it is handled by pretty much the same people that do the customer service for the helpline of the insurance, so they provided the same info.

I can technically use my pharmacy benefit, but most people don’t because it is hard to get most suppliers to file things with the pharmacy codes instead of DME codes. Is this Foundation Care place local to you or something bigger?

Edwards has their products online -



I misunderstood. I thought you had United Healthcare.

Foundation Care did mail order for me, I think they may have walkin at Earth City, MO.

They were able to run a test claim, with my pharmacy card number, and immediately confirm. They contacted Dr, got all they needed without my interaction. I got dexcom and pump supplies. That was 5 years ago, but had to change when I changed to different employer plan. But I miss working with them.

No sorry, I am a horrible person and have hijacked this thread! :grin:

After looking them up, it looks like they had a pretty serious service decline after they were bought by a bigger company, so I might not go that route lol.

Interesting, but so sad to hear this.

Costco Pharma can supply dexcom G6, maybe others. Not sure about pump supplies.

Have you all been finding it satisfying to watch UHG squirm on the stand? I have.

@Mila, @Tony24, @Tim35, etc.

Quick Question you guys,

Why do I remember UHG saying something like, “All insulin pumps other than MTs are unsafe.” Why is that statement stuck in my mind? Am I imagining/remembering something that never existed? Or, did it just get deleted from the internet. I can’t find any notes about it in my files, but I remember it…

I do not recall reading that!

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I do remember something, let me see if I can find it.

Your the best, Mila. For some reason that stuck in my head. But, I wasn’t sure if it was just conversation or an actual press release.

Not what you asked for, but surprised at some comments in this document from UHC.


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For some reason I can’t find the press release from May, it takes me to a 404 page or the main page of their news page. Maybe they removed?