"Unlucky Charms"...Breakfast Cereals? What's your perfect breakfast?


Breakfast is such a ferocious game sometimes! Hugs! I’ve yet to master it!


Adding a walk after breakfast smooths out many a raise in bgs.


What type of oatmeal are you eating? These little bags of instant oatmeal really raises my blood sugar quickly.


Nothing with added sugar. I switched to Steel cut oats for half the carbs or Bob’s red mill seven grain. Cooking time longer. I usually add tomato and about an ounce of bacon for flavor. Beans work well to with parmesan cheese.


Thank you for your reply. Bought some today and will give them a try.


No slur, we once had a comic character called Johnny Canuck!
Shreddies are nice but still have about 30 g or carbs per portion, as does shredded wheat, oatmeal, oatbran etc. They rely on the slower digestion of the carbs to be “ healthy” for diabetics. Doesn’t work, if I indulge in cereal, rarely, I have to take 7.5 units for a 250ml serving.


Because they are “converted” like a certain rice, their sugar content is higher. The flavoured ones also have a lot of added sugar.