Unpredictable Insanity

The complete and utter unpredictability of diabetes has been driving me insane the past few days. Sometimes it feels like I could inject myself with an entire vial of insulin and my blood sugar would still run high. At least, until 5 hours later when it randomly decides it’s going to start working and I go low. Then rebound with another high.

I was running low this morning, well, through much of the night I was a bit lower than normal. In the 60s mostly. But I wasn’t feeling low at all, and my CGM trend wasn’t dropping anymore, so I didn’t bother to get out of bed to do anything about it.

Which, when I’m conscious, I realize how stupid that is given my history of nasty lows while sleeping. But what can I say, getting out of bed blows.

Anyway, for breakfast I typically have a Boost nutritional drink (Glucose control!). I don’t care for mornings, and I really don’t care for eating in the morning, so this typically works well for me.

Today, the instant this stuff hits my tongue, my BS starts rising ridiculously. I’m at 161 right now, which is just infuriating. This drink has 16g of carbs. 16. And it’s supposed to be slow-acting. And I bolused properly for it, before I drank it.

It normally doesn’t give me any issue. But I guess it’s mostly just my body retaliating from my low sugar earlier? UGH. I hate that. HATE it. As if lows aren’t bad enough. I should have just forced some glucose tabs down my throat earlier, and maybe I could have avoided this.

But then again, who knows. Today is a very different schedule than I normally keep. I usually exercise early in the morning. But this week is an off week for the exercise program. My first off-week since I started the pump, so I’m not sure what to expect.

I sure didn’t expect my BS to jump up 100+ points from 16g of carbs though, that’s for sure.

I didn’t have the best weekend either. Breakfast on Saturday (which is breakfast in the afternoon, as I hate mornings and don’t get up until late) managed to shoot me up to a peak of 350 or so.The highest I’ve been since starting the pump. It just would NOT go down. I started extra-bolusing early, and it did nothing. For hours. Nothing. I didn’t have a block in my infusion site. I don’t think. How do you know? It eventually came down later. This was not a new breakfast. I’ve had this exact meal before since being on the pump with no problem.

I’m now at 170. I hate my body. I’m so sick of this blood sugar yo-yo-ing. It gives me a headache.