Does anyone else use symlin?

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The Doctor just prescribed Symlin for me and I am looking for information and how people are doing on it. I am type 2 but am having problems regualting my BG. They only time it seems to be under control is if I don’t eat carbs. Even Apidra isn’t keeping me from high BS. Hoping Symlin will help.

I was on Symlin for a while and it didn’t have the intended results plus I was having a lot of nausea (one of the side effects) but it works differently for different people.

Most definitely make sure to join the Symlin users group to get the most useful inputs on how others are doing on Symlin.

Thanks Manny!


Have been on vacation last week…now I must go…but will email tomorrow and talk to you about symlin…will tell you Symlin is great!!! will give lots of more details later…thank you for your patience with me…


Look at the discussion that oneness is writing on his blog. As a symlin user I found his discussion very important.



I am fairly new on Symlin,while I am a type 1, I have not had the naseau effects some have ahd–and I am up to the 60 dose (max for type 1) with no ill effects–and the results on my high spikes after meals has been fantastic. it also seems to beevening out some of my other bumps, and only bolusing half of my melatime insulin…that may go up a bit at breakfast and dinner and down a bit at lunch time–but don’t want to make too many changes too fast…so carefully titrating the insulin dosing

You can take that dose all the way up to 120mcg for even greater benefits, even as a Type 1. Many of us do it! Ask your doctor for the larger pen though, so you only need to take one shot.

I have been on Symlin for a week at 60 mcg and have taken it up to 120 as of last night. No nausea, (and I get sick VERY easily) but feel full all the time. Not a bad result as I could lose some weight (30 pounds would be wonderful). My GERD is acting up a bit also…but BS are better. Hope it works as I am running out of options!

Yeah it is much easier to go from 60-120 than it is to get from 15-60 in terms of general discomfort. I get sick easily too, and I was able to push through the early nausea without much of a problem at all. I hardly felt it going from 60-120. The weight loss should be much more significant at 120.


Only thing is symlin caused me to have nausea at first and then every now and then…but only lasted an hour so I drank diet Sprite…but the greatest side effects are weight loss and lowered blood glucose levels…
hope this helps…


Hi Dora,
I am a T2 who was on Symlin for awhile and I too had trouble with BG control. I was told it will work for some T1s but Byetta might be a better fit. Once I got on Byetta (about 3 years ago) everything clicked. My A1C dropped to 5.9 from 7.4 and my weight dropped too. Check with your medico. It might help you too.


Byetta is indicated for Type 2 diabetics only. That means insurance won’t cover it and most doctors probably won’t prescribe it. Its mode of action includes things like stimulating higher amounts of insulin release from the pancreas, something that would not be useful at all for a Type 1. That is the primary effect of the drug.

my endo has me on 60 symlin but i am not on insulin. from all i’ve been reading seemks everyones on insulin. I take metformin 1000 in morn. 1500 pm glimeperide 2mg in am 2 in pm. and she took me off the Januvia. What’s with this? Do you think this is odd?

yes. I am using it, 60mcg’s before each meal.

Seeing as how Symlin is intended to “replace” the missing hormone amylin, which is no longer produced due to beta-cell loss, and you’re a type 2 who is not on insulin, I think it’s very odd. If you’re still producing insulin, then you should still be producing amylin so there is no need to replace is in your body. Now, I’m not a doctor so take this with a grain of salt, but I think most folks would agree with that assessment.