Unusal Alarm on Medtronic MM Revel pump

I visited my endo approximately 3 weeks ago and since then I'm getting an audio alarm at 5:17PM each day. The audio alarm just "goes off" each day without a visual screen indication of the alarm's purpose. I've checked all the alarm settings including the 8 alarms that can be individually set and cannot find any alarm settings for 5:17PM daily. In fact, there no settings in the available 8 alarm settings area.

I'm stumped on what or how I eliminate this audio alarm setting.

I just joined this group and thought I'd inquire if anyone had a similar experience and how it was corrected before I call Medtronic next week to get advice and tell them there is something wrong with the pump (I've had the pump for approx. 1 year)

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Check for any 'reminders' settings, under the bolus wizard. I don't have any reminders set, but there are BG reminder and Bolus reminder.

It might also be a setting for the alarm - alarm clock.

After the audio alarm - have you checked the status screen ?

If it is a reminder, it sure would be helpful to let you know what it is reminding you for !

It is an alarm. You pressed something and set it up. I did this several years ago in France--had to take the battery out to stop it. I called Medtronic and they knew immediately what had happened.

The support for MM is 24/7. Don't do anything without calling them:

1.800.646.4633 (toll-free)

I agree with Karen. Medtronic's customer service personnel are always very helpful. They will probably be able to solve your problem immediately, and if not will most likely send a new pump.

First I concur with calling the help line. The logical thing is that you’ve set up an alarm and forgot about it but you say you’ve checked those. The two I can think of that would be associated with time of day are the missed bolus reminder under bolus setup and alarm clock on utilities.

Thanks for all the responses.
I contacted Medtronic today and spent approx. 1.5 hours on the phone with a Medtronic rep. checking all the settings and also used Medtronic's "CareLink" to upload the pump data so the rep. could see the pump data. The rep. was very helpful.

The Medtronic rep. could not see any cause for the daily alarm at 5:17PM. Based on what I explained and reviewing the pump data, the rep. concluded there must be something in the software somehow incorrectly producing the alarm. As the pump is in warranty, Medtronic is overnight shipping a replacement pump and I should have the replacement by 10AM tomorrow morning.