Unused medications

So, this may be a silly question. I’ve been trying out different prescriptions, and I have a LOT of extra pens that I’m never going to use (leftover Humalog, leftover Humulin N, Bydureon, Tanzeum). Do I just have to throw them away? I mean… it seems SO weird to just trash something so expensive.

Unused prescription medications can be thrown out, but a better use would be to give them to your doctor to be given out to those in need. You can also donate insulin and other supplies to Insulin for Life.



It also seems weird to trash something that can keep you alive!

If you can’t find a way to donate it (not sure what they think of a used pen…), hang on to it, keep it in the fridge. If there is an emergency and you find yourself without insulin, without insurance, between jobs, snowed in, etc, etc…old insulin is better than none. And on that day, you’ll thank your old pal Eddie2. :wink:


The one thing you really, really shouldn’t do is flush them. Even small amounts of some prescription drugs can play havoc with the chemistry on which sewage treatment plants depend in order to produce a safe discharge. Having served on a city council committee that deals with the results, this is something I know about firsthand.


I never realized this, and have always considered flushing the best option. I’ll find other disposal options in the future.

Usually your fire department or local hospital run an annual collection drive for unused medications if your endo won’t take partial vials/pens. As mentioned, don’t flush or toss Meds in the garbage - including over the counter stuff. Why? We don’t need any more chemicals in our water supply :mask:

The thought of flushing never even crossed my mind!

And in fact many jurisdictions offer this service year-round. Our city hall has a drop off box for used or expired meds that is available 24x7.

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