Unusual locations for a sensor

I have read about people putting their Omnipod in locations other than what is recommended, like the upper/inner thigh. Has anyone tried putting a sensor in an area that isnt an approved spot?

Dexcom is supposed to be upgrading their caution to a warning about putting the sensor anywhere except for the abdomen. They had a problem with bits of the sensor wire beging retained after the sensor was pulled out. The FDA cited them for not reporting these incidences. there seemed to be the implication that the retained sensor wires were more of a problem when the sensors were placed in non standard areas or used by children. There was a conference call about the issue. A recording of the call can be found under investor relations on the Dexcom site. http://investor.shareholder.com/dexcom/events.cfm Someone asked what percentage of the retained wires were in non-FDA approved locations. THe person from Dexcom said that they preferred not to answer that question.

The Abbott Navigator is apporved for use in both the abdomen and the arm. Even though the Navigator is approved for the arm, I had terrible problems with the device falling off when I put it in my arm. Maybe this is because I lead an active lifestyle or maybe it is because I am a real klutz. (A bad combination–klutzy and active outdoorsy) I put the Dexcom sensors in my abdomen after my problems with using the Navigator in my arm.

I have used pumps for many, many years and eventually you run out of “real estate” in the abdominal area. I have been putting my pump site in my buttox and in my thigh, but when I am going to be backcountry or caving, I still use my abdomen for everything.

Under no circumstances should you put your insulin pump infusion site in your breasts. The insulin infusion could theoretically increase the probability of cancerous changes in your breast.

I have trouble with the sensor getting knocked off when in my abdomen during basketball games. I feel like I need to figure out a different location, or some kind of setup to keep them a bit more protected when on my abdomen.

With that in mind, I’m curious to read about what others are doing around sensor placement.

Thanks for starting a thread on it!

We were told to only put the sensor in the abdomen area. We asked about putting it in the arm or elsewhere and were told absolutely not !

I have been using the Dexcom since Nov. I’ve had one or two in my abdomen and all the others have been in my arms. I’m now just wondering if there are other areas I can use. My arms work great. I’m hoping there is another area that will work as well.

I use the high front thigh area and also an area best described as upper buttock- just below the belt line and as far back as i can reach, in addition to the abdomen. they have all been equally reliable. good luck - Allen

Thanks Allen,

I put mine in my side thigh/hip area, and played basketball today - worked fine and was semi-protected from getting bumped off because it was under my shorts.

It’s good to hear about sensors in other places, because like sweetlady1 said, you eventually run out of places on the abdomen. I know it’s been a challenge to place my pod and sensor at least 3" apart as well as to not put them in places they’ve been the past couple of weeks… I’ll have to try the sensor on my thighs/buttocks area - I seem to knock everything off on my arms…

I am almost 37 weeks pregnant and have been using the sensor in my arm, granted its a pain because it doesnt stay stuck all too well, but i put a big opsite dressing over it and that holds it very well for the full 7 days.

jesse has been using a navigator for the last 2 years and always wore it on his arm…
He recently got a dexcom, before our insurance ran out… and tried a sensor 2 weeks ago…
He wore it on his arm- and it lasted 11 days before it got knocked off…
the tape held on perfectly the whole time- unlike the nav which would start peeling off within a day or 2.
He’s back on the Navigator because his died, and our cde lent us hers… and I told him to just finish up his old nav sensors this summer…
so i can return the unit to her…
and then he can go back to the dex…
He’s going to be on the states insurance as of 7/1…
but I doubt they’ll cover sensors…
But he really likes the dex better,

I’ll soon start on Dexcom after switching over from the Navigator, which was approved for use in the back of the arms. Good thing, since the Navigator has a very large transmitter. I used the back of the arms exclusively when using the Navigator, and the insertion was simple: click one button and done. The Dexcom looks a little more complicated, although I read that everyone gets the hang of it pretty quickly.
My question is: for those using alternate sites and the back of the arm for the Dexcom, are you able to start a sensor by yourself, or do you need an extra hand?
I remember giving myself shots in the arm years ago and leaning against a door. But starting a CGM sensor could take some practice and dexterity.

I have worn both the Nav and the Dex. I do think the Nav is easier to do the arm by yourself than the Dex. It might not be that tough for some but I’m just not that coordinated. I have posted my opinion about the two systems several times. I think they both have their pros and cons. But the back of the arm insertion by yourself the Nav wins that one hands down.

I’ve been on the Dexcom about one month. I’m still on my 3rd sensor which I started 6 days ago on the back of my left upper arm. Definitely harder to start than on abdomen, but has held fine despite a few wrinkles. Mirror is a must have for placement here! As a non-pumper, it will take me awhile to get used to application. Incidentally, my second sensor lasted for 15 days with minor application of mastisol to the edge when tape began to peel! To anyone who uses mastisol, you can save a bundle on solvent when it is time to remove it by using mineral spirits from hardware store or citrus solvent (d-limonene I believe it is called.)

When you use the back of your arm do you position the sensor up and down, or sideways (like you would in your abdomen)?

I position it up and down on my arm.

Due to the difficulty using the mirror to put it on it wound up being a bit diagonal for me, but certainly doesn’t seem to matter as it is working still on day 7!