Unwanted G6 App Rotation on Android Device

If you are using a device beside the subject, please be considerate by not replying with, “Gee, I don’t know because I don’t use an Android device,” or words to that effect, thanks!

With that said, I’m using the Dexcom G6 app on a Samsung Galaxy S10+ running Android 10 on the Verizon network. I also use Nova Launcher.

Even when I have the orientation setting locked in the portrait mode, the app still rotates to the landscape mode any time I touch the screen.

Has anyone else ever experienced this behavior on a similarly configured Android device, or on any Android device?

Thanks for your help!

It’s got nothing to do with Nova. Nova just defines how you access apps, and some of what your device looks like when you don’t have an app running in the foreground. It can’t re-write apps and make them behave differently.

Have you tried the usual Android fixes… Clearing storage AND cache (make sure your date is exported first), then uninstall/reinstall, and reboot the device?

You can also try clearing the cache on some of the system apps, which can cause big hiccups, like Google play services.

Are you an approved device with the OEM Dexcom app, or are you running a build-your-own variant?

Unfortunately, Samsungs are known to be difficult with apps. For the app developers, I mean. They seem to give devs a lot of headaches. You can filter the Google play store reviews for other users with your specific device, to see if others are having the same problem.

Xdrip is always an option, too. If you’re comfortable playing with a custom launcher, then Xdrip should be right up your alley. If you installed Nova’s Google Companion, then you’re already familiar with the process of side loading the app. They’ve got specific workarounds in the settings for the difficult Samsung devices. Do you or your provider use Clarity reports? If so, then you have to run both apps. The Dexcom app runs in the background and you disable all notifications from it in your Android settings, so it’s completely silent. It uploads your data to the Dexcom Follow cloud, though, and you set up Xdrip as a follower account. It’s clunky, but it means you don’t have to interact with the Dexcom app that’s giving you trouble, and still get Clarity reports. If you’re not concerned about Clarity, a lot of us prefer Xdrip anyway…

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You flagged my post, that was funny, anyone with a brain who posts tech problems know that idiots respond with “Gee, I don’t know because I don’t use that" it’s a common thing. It was meant to be funny, but humor is banned here just like the rest of this miserable planet. DON’T WORRY, IT WON’T HAPPEN AGAIN, I AM OUTA HERE



I hope you know it was a moderator, and not me, who flagged your response.

Sometimes I append humor the pseudo-HTLM tag

Thanks, Robyn_H, you’ve given me a lot to investigate!

I was going to start with filtering Play Store reviews based on device, but I don’t see that option. You mentioned Samsung being a headache for developers. I mentioned running on the Verizon network, because they often alter functionality of apps, too.

I’ll look forward to a reply, and I’m happy if its private (if that’s a possibility, but I don’t find the option), since this topic will be of interest to virtually no one in the G6 world.

Thanks for your thoughts!


P.S. - There’s no way to edit a submitted post, is there?

Doug- You may privately reply by clicking on their avatar or username, then click on message and an editable message form will pop up. I’m not sure if that’s unavailable to brand new members or not.

And, yes, you can edit the original post and any comments that you’ve made. Select the pencil icon at the bottom right of your post/comment and then edit.

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Go to the app page in the Play Store. Scroll down til you see “Ratings and reviews”, with the big bar chart under it. There’s a little arrow next to the text, click on it to see the more detailed reviews page. There will be a filter icon (three crooked stacked lines) on the far right side of the page, just under the page break line. Once you click on it, you’ll finally be given the opportunity to filter reviews only for those using your same device.

That won’t fix anything for you, but might give you an idea if the app itself is screwed up. It nobody else is complaining, then it’s likely a glitch on your own system.

You’d seriously be surprised. I often consult the Oracle called Google for something odd or specific, and the top results wind up bringing me right back to some old post on this very forum. If we (including someone hopefully more of a techie than I am) can find a solution to your troubles, it might help someone else searching for the very same problem.

Very easily understood, thanks! :wink:

Thanks, Robyn _H, sometimes details matter. My last post about sorting search results was done on a PC, but the image clearly shows you were using the Google Play app.

That understood, my disappointment in Dexcom Technical Support was echoed by the review shown in the attached image!

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You’re a hero tonight, Terry4, thanks!

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To set the record straight, it was not a moderator that flagged @Tony24’s post, the person that flagged it will remain anonymous, as it should be.

Once a post is flagged a moderator must review it and either remove it or let it stay. Since the post is still here I guess you can say moderators can have a sense of humor.

I have a dexcom g6 and galaxy s10 and definitely have had the same experience. Unrelated… I really wish I could turn off alerts for urgent lows, especially since ot sometimes does it by accident

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Wow, CB11!

Although your message appears to be dated Jul 4, I just got the email notification regarding your response!

Within the last hour I got a follow-up phone call from Dexcom Software rep, which is one step up from the Tech Reps you get when you call.

The lady told me they were completely unaware of this issue and asked me to send a video showing the occurrence of the rotating screen.

I’m now awaiting her email that will include a reply address and the Case Number assigned this issue.

I’ll keep you and others on tuDIABETES aware of any progress or resolution with Dexcom.


P. S. I tried doing the video alone, which means it’s less than a stellar performance. If you are good with taking videos, I’d be happy to send yours, too. What I tried to show was that the phone is locked in portrait mode, and even a gentle touch of the display rotates the image and the numeric display is lost.

The alerts cannot be disabled, because they are presumed to be of critical medical importance. An alternate is to connect a Bluetooth headset so the alerts are sent to the headset,

Thanks Doug! I totally understand their reasoning for the alerts, but I’ve had some embarrassing moments when the urgent low glucose alarm went off. Pre covid I did a lot of Broadway shows and was always terrified it would happen during a show. And I’ve had many times where it went off when I wasn’t actually low and there was an error. Definitely my biggest gripe with diabetes devices!