Up in the air

Tossing pancakes is an art cooking them is even harder but with 5 screaming happy kids waiting for there pancakes you just have to get stuck in, hungry little blighters our kids were we had to toss a coin to see who would have pancakes first I suggested we cut them into 5 so each of them could at least start eating but a riot broke out no way where they going to share there pancake with anyone else even if they did love there brothers and sisters.

I had been bragging to the kids how good my pancakes were so mom said ok go ahead you cook them I had watched mom cook pancakes which turned out great everytime so how difficult could it be put the flower in a bowl break an egg put in in the same bowl the nuse some milk to make it into a batter, when it is mixed put the frying pan on the stove put in a little oil well in those days it was lard in a soldi block wait a few minutes and tip a bit of batter mix into the pan easy peasy I thought.

The kids were all sitting nicely by now around the kitchen table hungry as wolves shouting and cheering me on great to be a dad sometimes, so I started mixed the batter mix the wife gavean approving nod so I felt very confident anyone can do this I said even a trained monkey, the batter mix looked cooked on the bottom so like a circus act I got ready to toss the pancake although deep inside I had a few butterflies.

The trouble with braging you really have to know what you are doing if not you can quickly fall flat on your face, here I go I said to the kids watcht the pancake fly through the air and turn over all by it's self so I can cook the other side, give me a drum roll I shouted and the kids did just that I picked the frying pan up in my two hands and tossed the pancake clear to the moon well it seemed that far for it took ages to come back to earth when it did I missed it by miles and it fell flat onto the kitchen floor the kids burst out laughing and the wife nearly split here side.

After 6 attemps to toss the pancakes I gave up and the kids all booded silly daddy let mom do them, I gave in mom cooked all of us mountains of panckaes tossing each one with ease in the end mom had 6 children sitting around the kitchen table not 5 but when we have a family gatheing the kids always bring the pancake day up and everyone had a good laugh, batter the joke than crying over spilt milk

Boy that sure made me laugh