Upcoming Ulnar elbow nerve surgery - personal experiences with transposition vs epicondylectomy

I am going to be having decompression ulnar nerve surgery and I know there is several types of surgeries ranging from a simple decompression, epicondylectomy and ulnar nerve transposition....

I was curious if anyone has had experience with either the nerve transposition or epicondlectomy....both are bigger surgeries but also include increased risks for delayed healing.... was it worth it in the end? I just 1 surgery and be done and over with and not having to keep removing scar tissue every so many yrs

Ulnar nerve transposition, here, plus carpal tunnel work. Had fractured scaphoid as well and we had to wait until that healed (for whatever reason.) Spent six weeks in a full arm cast, then about a month afterwards in physical therapy before the surgery.

This all the result of an automobile accident.

Took about 18 months for the nerve to heal.

I was having extreme cramps of the hand and forearm. They were horrible! The fingers would try to fold over one another, my thumb(nail) would press so hard into my index finger, as to draw blood. Also on the second and third fingers, the first joints would move in flexion and the second joints would in extension. It was excruciating!

If I happened to have anything in my hand at the time, it became trapped: forks, knives, soda cans, etc.

I called them 'events' as they would last up to 10 minutes. Doctor thought I was exaggerating until it happened in his office one day. He warned me not to try to force them as it might result in a fracture, the muscles were locked down that completely.

When I woke up in recovery, I knew it was fixed. I mean it hurt like hell, but I could tell the problem was fixed.