Update - Combivir, migraines, stress and needles

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I’ve been contacting the seller and they have been really helpful. They have contacted the storage unit director and are trying everything they can do to get ahold of the person. Also I found out the the seller has had the bad since December (2 months) and the bag had been locked in storage for 45-60 days before that. The longest the AIDS virus has been known to live in a syringe at room temperature is 36-42 days. This was in a non-heated storage unit I think, so temp fluctuations, humidity and everything else should decrease the lifespan. I posted on craiglist in the town that the lady is from trying to find someone who knows her and have her contact me. Complete shot in the dark, but in addition to calling the cops and DHS tomorrow I’m hoping that she can be found and tested.

Psychologically, I’m a friggin wreck. This is a 6-month process of testing and keeping my family safe. I have to be on the drugs for 28 days unless…


Can you test the syringes? Will your local police help? Hoping for the best for you in this weird situation. Ebay should definitely help you. You can get one of their reps on the phone, I think.

I’d be scared witless also. Glad you were able to find out all you have so far. It is encouraging it was in storage that long & most probably in the cold.