Update, of sorts :) with numbas

So, the bg nightmare is still in full swing. Some of you may have read my discussion
Here about my fluctuating numbers. I decided to make a new logbook because the ones that come with meters are ridiculously tiny and annoying.
I’ll give you guys my last seven days:
29 @ 2:31 am
118 @ 1:11 pm
112 @ 3:40 pm
360 @1:05 am
94 @ 2:29 am
236 @12:19 pm
208 @ 3:01 pm
312 @ 7:06 pm
35 @ 3:22 am
182 @ 1:22 pm
336 @ 11:46 pm
31 @ 2:02 am
232 @5:06 am
103 @ 11:36 am
255 @ 10:19 pm
187 @ 11:00 pm
58 @ 11:48 pm
182 @ 1:02 am
176 @9:32 am
288 @1:41 pm
373 @1:43 pm
337 @1:44 pm
45 @3:22 pm
41 @3:24 pm
154 @4:19 pm
219 @9:45 pm
111 @12:48 am
99 @12: 53 am
62 @1:59 am
93 @1:01 pm
95 @2:14 pm
340 @9:42 pm
270 @10:11 pm
37 @1:46 am
218 @11:23 am
201 @1:59 pm
92 @ 4:17 pm
215 @9:27 pm
239 @11:59 pm
66 @ 2:04 am
59 @9:50 am

I just realized that i feel more like i’m opening up to people when i posted my numbers than i ever would if i was just discussing emotions. weird huh?

So this is where i’m at today…the rollercoaster is killing me, I’m losing energy and sleep and i’m starting to get pretty annoyed with it. I’ve been experimenting with different ratios, i’ve split my shot of lantus into two separate shots every twelve hours instead of one big one in the morning.
It’s getting seriously un-amusing.

question: are you checking before and after meals?

I think one would need to see the time relationship to food/carbs etc, plus boluses before anyone could comment. For me, ALL foods have an effect - even protein, which I’m learning to bolus for. Eating protein-only meals, eg a breakfast of eggs only, can put me up by 2 mmol/l (45 mg/dl).

Can you give us more info? What times are you taking Lantus? Despite supposedlybeing peakless, both Lantus and Levemir used to peak for me (on a pump now) about 5 hours after taking it.

Everyone’s different.

Do you have a diabetes educator? Maybe he/she is the best person to give you advice because we can’t see your history or be doctors. But from experience, liver producing glucose when it usually doesn’t, pancreas producing a little insulin when it hasn’t before, stress… and all sorts of other factors come into play, apart from your I:C ratio which might be changing to being different at different times of the day.

Hope you can sort it. Must be awfully frustrating suddenly faced with something you’re used to, changing in what appears to be such an an illogical way.

Hi Ryan!

I can see how showing numbers makes you more feel like opening up - for me they are quite personal because one can see the stupids mistakes I still make and how undisciplined I am and even how I arrange my daily routine and when I go to bed. :slight_smile:

I agree to Susi’s comment - one would need more information. And due to the backlash of your liver your bloodsugar can bounce up and down for the two following days after a low. So low bs causes high bs, bolusing causes low bs which causes high bs again…vicious circle. Perhaps you can just try bolusing a bit more carefully to avoid the lows.
(And for the “this things just happen”: I once had a low blood sugar for about two weeks(!). Went to my doctor, have been told to cut down on all injections by 20%, bs got normal again. After two weeks my bs went higher, so I got back to my old doses. What does my body think who she is??)

I wish you all the best! Tell us, when you’ve found out something new.
Cheers, Vera