Update on baby news

Hi everyone sending you lots of hugs and kisses from my
hospital bed.
I came in for a routine check up on tuesday and midwife
decided to keep me in as I had blood and protein my face was swollen.
I had pre-eclampsia caught at the early stages and I felt so bad I decided to
was best to keep me in.
Last night I had steroids this is to help the babies muscles and organs as
Its 35 weeks into my pregnancy, I will be taking 4 injections 2 down already
2 to go. Also on a sliding scale to keep everything with my sugar levels balanced.doctor
Informed me that this weekend that they will induce my labour and its most likely
I will be having a c-section.
Right now everything is fine baby is very active every time they listen, urine samples r clean and clear
of everything and bg levels are behaving themselves.
Start of next week baby will be with us!