Update on Brain Aneurysm

For those of you who read my first blog, this is an update on what’s going on with my brain Aneurysm. (number one I learned how to spell it).

The doctors’s at UIC Chicago have told me that this has to be fixed and cannot just be monitored. After having an Angiogram about 10 days ago it’s been decided that I can get away with the less invasive procedure as opposed to actual surgery. This means they will be taking a coil and going through the main artery in my leg/groin they will place a coil made of platinum into the aneurysm, thus clotting it so no blood gets in or out. The risk involved is minimal, but the possibility of a stroke scares me a bit. Yesterday I spoke with the doctor who is going to perform this and I must admit, I was impressed. He seemed to know all the answers to my questions before I even had a chance to ask them. If my appointment with the anesthesiologist goes well next Wednesday then I will be having the coiling procedure done on Aug. 25th. I will only be in the hospital overnight and just have to take it easy for a few days. I’ve decided to take the entire week off from work because to be honest with you this has played alot on my mind and I need the break. I trust this team of doctor’s that I’ve been seeing and I’m sure I will not have any complications.

The upside to all of this, apparently stress does not bother me. Both my blood sugars and blood pressure have been great through all of this.

Relieved that you don’t have to have surgery. Sounds like you have a great doctor. He’s experienced with this procedure & all will be fine.

Amazing & wonderful that you haven’t been effected by stress! I’d have to be sedated to be dealing with what you’ve been through. What’s your secret to remaing chill?

Wishing you a rapid healing.

Hey great news you don’t have to have any major major surgery, though I can understand your worries about the stroke factor. I am so pleased you have a team you trust, it always helps I think… I hope it’s all smooth sailing for you from here on in.
Good news that stress isn’t blowing your sugars outta the water aswell, wish I knew the secret he he, I’ll bet that a week off work after all this will do you a world of good. x

Kathy - just read about what you are going thru’. I am so glad that you aren’t having to go thru’ with any major surgery. When I read your first blog tho’ - it was making me frustrated everytime I read - “cancelled” with the doctors that you were having to see. Ohhh, I think I would have been a basket case - but it looks like you are going thru’ this very smoothly - and good to read that your diabetes isn’t being effected by all of it.

I had a friend who had to go the route of major surgey for her brain Aneurysm (what a hard word to spell ) - she luckily passed out in the hospital that her dad was at - right in front of reception desk - and if it hadn’t been for that - she wouldn’t be alive today. She underwent surgery on both sides of her skull - and didn’t suffer and consequences from that surgery - and is in good health today. Apparently she was told it’s a hereditary thing as well - that can affect family members.

Keep us posted on how things are going!

Wishing you a great recovery. You’re a strong person!
Be sure to tell the anethesiologist your’e a diabetic!

Best wishes to you!!!:)))))

Here’s to a speedy recovery. Looks like you’ve got a great team working for you.
I’ll be thinking of you :slight_smile:

Hey Kathy:

Goodness Girl. You are a brave Soul. I’m Glad that you have a #1 Heath Team. That is so reassuring. My hope and prayers for a Successful procedure and recovery is sent to you.

Thank you all for your kind words. It’s wonderful to have so much support and encouragement!

Having a positive attitude is part of the cure.

I hope everything goes well. I will be watching for updates.