Update on Roddy Pippin

Many of us are tying to raise awareness of Roddy Pippin's dire circumstances. For more information, please check out my latest blog post here.

As a community, we should all be aware of the consequences of stupid choices and that sometimes non-violent, first-time offenders go to prison; even if they have type 1 diabetes.

Roddy I think is a member of the TuD community…

Yes, Teena. Roddy does have a page here that is updated for him by someone on the outside. He does not have access to a computer or the Internet in prison.

That is sad… Ive always thought some offenders (specially juvenile) have at least some internet facilities. I thought he was the one who updates it…he also has a Twitter account I’m following =)

Yes, this too is updated for Roddy.

Not only does he not have Internet access, he is kept in insolation for most of the day.