Update on the Smokinbeaver

Just thought I would update y'all on my wife, Sharon (aka smokinbeaver).

She had her nerve test today and they is no nerve damage in her right arm (she dislocated her shoulder). The doctors feel that no surgery is required and that she should get full use of her hand and arm back but it is going to take several months.

Thanks for all your thoughts, prayer and good vibes. I believe it were these that gave us the good report today.

Now on the downside, she is experiencing some rather severe pain in her groin. They also x-rayed her hip to see if there is any damage and all is well. She has some pulled groin muscles and can barely walk.

Keep the prayers coming folks, she has me as a nurse and I can be hell on wheels...lol.


Whew, we'll see the high heat again. Thanks for the update!

Hi to you both. I missed your discussion soon after the fall, but I'm happy to hear that, well, that it could have been worse. Here's wishing Sharon a speedy recovery.

so glad to hear your wife is ok with her shoulder. hope she is back on her feet and comfortable soon! take good care of you both!