Update; possibly getting pump soon

I've certainly been blessed with a lot of good news lately. One example - high microalbumin on a recent urinalysis does not necessarily indicate kidney damage since I am recently diagnosed (according to Endocrinologist and primary physician). Furthermore, my insurance covers pump/CGM/and supplies 100%. It's just a matter of finding out whether or not they will pay for it yet, or if I need to wait a bit longer due to any time-on-insulin requirements. Fortunately I have been keeping BG logs as per my Endo, because they will greatly help in getting approved for the pump, along with testing 5-6 times per day.

In other news, I'm starting the police academy in December. I hope the pump will make things easier there. Although from the horror stories I hear, it's going to be a rough road regardless of being a diabetic or not. If I can just get a doctor's note that requires me to have access to gatorade at any time, I think will be alright. My only concern is going hypo during a brutal PT session.

the med-t minimed paradigm real time revel. such a mouthful lol. i had that test doneā€¦ if thats the one for pancreatic insulin production function, i was a 1.1, which is the bottom threshhold. my bg was about 120 on that bloodwork, so i hope thats in the range that the ins co wants.