Update to the update- sky hi #'s

xmas and all. a bottle of wine, pie, potatos…I did all that.

but in last 2 weeks I have average daily carbs around 150-175.

this AM FBGL + 160. droped to 150 after an hour, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut………

home A1C test went from 6.5 in mid oct to 8.1 this AM. is that even possible?

500 mg metformin at bedtime.

Yes, it is possible.

Are you testing only fasting BG? This is generally your lowest BG of the day, so you don’t average in the highs.

Try testing before and 1-2 hr after some meals and you will have better data to estimate A1C. You may want to log foods you ate, and note the after meal BG, then decide if you could reduce serving size, or eliminate to avoid post meal spikes above 180-200.

You may need to start metformin with meals.

here’s the thing PP ranges 2hours laterare still usually around 140- 160. so it seems FBGL is the HIGHEST reading of the day.

A1C of 8.1 is estimated average BG of 185.

If you had enough BG checks over the last 3 months, then I suspect the home A1C test was incorrect. But you may be missing high BGs after meal, before it comes down 2 hours later.

Try another home A1C or get one from lab if concerned.

Some people aim for 2 hour post meal to be under 120-140, closer to what non-diabetics get. So depends on what your goal BG and A1C is.

just tested 2 hours after meal …15 gms….BG 120

so I went 164 FBGL to 120 AFTER a meal???

If you are asking “is that even possible” because you question the accuracy of the home kit, the answer is we don’t know. If your question is regarding the A1c number changing as has shown on the home kit between tests spread out by 2.5 months, the answer is YES IT CERTAINLY CAN>

the later

Wait! You can get a home a1c test? I’m new to this, about a month t2, what is the best one?
Thanks MM1

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It’s been a while, but I used the A1CNow brand, sometimes sold under store brand (CVS, Walmart ReliOn).

I think places like CVS also have walk in service, and can do A1C.

Unless there have been dramatic improvements in home kits in the last 10 years, I’d not recommend them. Perhaps they have gotten better. For me, there is no need, as I get them every 90 days at the lab.

Thanks…I just need a way to know how I’m doing before I see my doc in a few days. She will take blood and it will take 2 weeks before I can see the results.