Update: Vacation and Recent Numbers

Phew, what a few weeks I’ve had! Went down to North Carolina to visit with my aunt and uncle, then went to South Carolina for my stepbrother’s (very swanky and very exclusive) wedding. While I didn’t attend the wedding (long story, don’t ask), I did have the opportunity to wander around Charleston, SC – at least a little bit – and to sail around the harbor on a tall ship, which is something I’ve never done before. Made for an interesting vacation, though one in which there were WAY too many sweets and “bad” things to eat! My uncle, Jack, is an interim minister at a very nice, small Baptist church, and his term ended just as we arrived. The congregation decided to have a “Thank You” party while we were down there – complete with homemade fried chicken (YUM!), salads (Ok, so this was a good choice), and a fantastic trifle that was to die for (Ok, so that was a REALLY bad choice!). Jack also made some cheesy grits and shrimp for breakfast one day. Then, when I got to SC, I couldn’t resist an offer to try fresh pralines (oh man, were they good!!), a slice of the wedding cake, or a southern breakfast with grits that had been stone ground and hcooked for 2 hours! Talk about a diabetes breaking trip!

I’m just glad I had my visit with my doctor before I left! I wasn’t happy that I didn’t get my results from my bloodwork before I left. Perhaps that would have encouraged me to be a little better behaved while I was in the Carolinas…maybe

In any case, I got my results when I returned. Drumroll: A1c: 6.0 – good, but slightly higher than what I was back in November, when it was 5.5. Kidney test: Still normal (yeah). Triglycerides: 128. Cholesterol: Total: 201; HDL: 62 (down from 70-something); LDL: 123. My doctor still thinks that LDL is too high, and yes, I know the recommended level for LDL for diabetics is under 100. So, she wants me to start pravastatin (generic for Pravachol), 10 mg/day. I’m kind of reluctant, though I understand the reasoning behind it. However, my total cholesterol:HDL ratio is 3.24, which is better than the “ideal” of 3.5 I found on webmd and my LDL:HDL ratio is 1.98, again, better than ideal. So, I’m torn. Do I or don’t I start it?

Anyhow, that’s all the news that isn’t from here. Hope everyone else is doing well!

Great photo. I love Charleston & the food is to die for. So many great restaurants. Can pass on grits, but ooo the pralines & wonderful seafood. Nothing like homemade southern fried chicken.

Statins worry me & I’ve rejected all attempts by my doctor to get me on these. Mine is a bit high because of hypothyroidism so I’m trying to get that under control.

I vote against statins. They gave me frequent PVCs. My labs are similar to yours. I’m thinking of starting fish oil. My doctor said to freeze the capsules and you won’t taste or smell them.

Krill oil is an excellent source of Omega 3 oils without any fishy taste. It’s also an environmentally better choice. http://www.swansonvitamins.com/SWE059/ItemDetail?n=0

Red yeast is a natural form of statins. My mother has used this successfully.

Not to hijack, but why are omega 3s good? Do they help with cholesterol? I won’t go on a statin and red rice yeast makes me barf.