Been a while since I have posted. I have been doing a lot of sleeping. I also quit my job due to my boss getting upset that I was having trouble working a 4 hour shift due to pain. So I quit Thursday. Started physical therapy this week and it was quite painful. I have to do passive range of motion on my own twice a day and go to physical therapy three times a week. Monday I get the stitches out and I am ready for them to be out as my arm itches like crazy.

Hi Cody, geez your boss wasn’t very understanding!
Good luck with the physio, hopefully the further along you go the less painful it will be.
Take care,

I got the stitches out today and can have the immobilizer off for a few hours at a time as long as I don’t rotate my shoulder. 2 and half more weeks and I can get rid of it totally.

That’s great Cody!