Well this week I had some breathing issues. Doctor wasn’t sure if it was cardiac or med related. We finally decided it was medication related. I was on high dose beta blockers and it set off bronchial spasms and set off my asthma. So back in his offfice i go the next day. We adjusted my meds and also discovered my belly button piercing was infected even with me taking care of it properly, so it had to go out and now I am on antibiotics as well as got a shot wed. This week I have to meet with my pump trainer on mon, tues, i see the dentist and wed back to dr. anderson. Some how in this time I have to do 2 projects, 6 discussion posts and 2 big exams

Wow! You are a busy person this week! Good luck getting everything done!!!

Cody-I’m glad you keep pressing on through all these challenges. Its inspiring to the rest of us. Here’s hoping next week is Doctor-free!