I’ve really had an incredibly busy autumn. 2008 has really been faster than the speed of light in general. I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas again. Feels like it was yesterday the Christmas party was about to be held at work. Now it’s on friday this week! So incredibly fast. My flatmate has been away to Lanzarote for the past week. She should be getting home again any minute now really. I should be trying to sleep, but she doesn’t have the keys right now (left them here at home) so I’ll have to stay up until she’s back. Will be nice to see her again anyways. Been kinda lonely to be home alone for a week when being used to living with someone. Have to admit it has been nice in a way too, to be able to run around at home naked or half naked without risking to be caught by a whole group of people LOL

Ummmmm yeah, since November 17th I’m a fulltime employee in the company I’ve been working for as extra worker since last year. Feels great to finally have a REAL job and not just being called in and have an irregular schedule. Now I always work 8am-4pm monday-thursday and 7.30am-3pm on fridays. So nice to have some regularity at last!

On the diabetes front I have no idea what’s going on. I haven’t tested for a couple of months or so due to the cost. Planning to buy test strips again soon because I sometimes feel a bit like as if something isn’t quite right. Having a waterbottle next to me in bed is nearly a must because I can wake up in the middle of the night having to drink some water because my mouth is dryer than Sahara, and that can be even if I have had a whole bottle of water just before bed. And seems like I just can’t have too much christmas soda at the moment! Really should check soon just to see if my body is just plain stupid or if my levels are actually a bit high. For the past few days I’ve barely slept at all even though I’ve been tired as hell. It really showed at work today because I have dark rings under my eyes even. And I’ve had a rather annoying headache since yesterday >.< Oh well, will see what happens…

Think all I need to do is test more really, the problem is that I’ll have to pay it all out of pocket since I don’t have a diagnose. But I’m going to buy some teststrips soon anyways.
I really should update here more often, but I’ve just been so overly busy since about end of september or something like that. In october I was still working as extra worker hired from my previous employer, but I worked well over 150 hours in october, and on top of that I had my parents visiting in the weekend when I had my birthday. November was pretty full too with lots of work and then starting to work fulltime and in the middle of that my wallet was stolen so then I got even more busy :S