After I got home from the hospital and read the different posts that eveyone had did about the whole issue with the on duty doctor and the hospital I felt it was only fair to fill you all in on the good side of things now. I had promised that when there was news to share I would. I like to think that I am one that keeps my word.

The update that I promised:

You will be happy to know the on duty doctor, the one who tried to take me away form my love, is in jail. He is in jail! That sounds so good to hear (which was crystal clear to me with my new ears). He was arrested for attempted murder, negligence, and something about endangering the welfare of another. The hospital is being sued for negligence and endangering the welfare of another. If there is any justice in the world that on duty doctor will get his' in jail.

More to come by the weekend.

Personally, I want to make him into a human pinata and let everyone who was on the edge of their seats worried take a few swings at him.

This is very good news. Has the line started yet for us to take a swing at him? :slight_smile:

Hopefully, your story will help some people know, and realize that they need to be on top of their condition and their care, and not just leave it up to a doctor, without a care in the world! I am so glad he’s getting his due, and that you are still with us… God is big.

Pinata sounds good LoL I am so glad that this disgraceful man is behind bars, and that the hospital is also being held responsible for allowing him to practice!! So glad you could HEAR that :0)

Whoa. I clearly missed something. I had heard about the tumor(s) but not the malpractice. I’m glad you’re OK and would be more than happy to get in line for a swing on your behalf.

I wish I know where he is Seagator.

Elizabeth thanks for your support.

Lou, I’m with on that. I’m glad he is in jail and can’t harm anyone else for now.

Kit I have your place in line. Hugs hon.

Liz I too hope my story of what happen to me can help others.

Here is more. The day that I met with my lawyer the hospital called me to ask if I would not sue them. I was like what the hell, are they crazy. The nerve of them.

Wow - that’s amazing that a doctor is actually getting charged criminally for something done on the job. I’m thrilled but also surprised. I know what he did for Missy was inexcusable, downright ignorant and certainly grounds for malpractice, but does that constitute attempted murder? Forgive me if I don’t understand the ‘malicious intent’ in this egomaniac’s behaviour. Has he done this same type of thing to other poor innocents in his care? I get the negligence and hope he ‘gets’ it too, but don’t see (from my distance) where the “intent to kill” comes into this malfeasance? Can someone help me understand this?

I can’t believe the hosptial called and asked you that! I woulda started LMAO right on the phone! :slight_smile:

And than I woulda said “Really? So, you think I shouldn’t sue you, eh? Well, you give me some good reasons why. And I’ll give a zillion why I should!”

Bikette, I was wondering about the murder thing too - as I was a bit confused on it. I thought the doctor just basically sucked and didn’t know what he was doing and I thought that “attempted murder” was something done on purpose - unless there are parts of the story we are missing. If he did any of his “mistakes”, purposely than that makes sense. It could be that the ‘lawyer jargon’ might go under something different. Either way, she could have died and that doctor sucks and should never be able to go near a hosptial again.

KimKat and Bikette hopefully this will help with the understanding of why he was arrested for attempted murder. Missy and I also did not understand that one. Meeting with the lawyer yesterday he explained that proof was being gathered against the on duty doctor. This proof shows that his actions were not “mistakes”. In the other states that he worked they did not have enough proof because no one connected him at the other hospitals that he worked at and did these things. Missy lawyer and the lawyers for the others have enough proof now that his intent was to kill. There are other parts of the story but we can’t say because of the cases pending against him.

Missy should be back with more updates by the weekend. She could not post this one because of a family emergency.

Thanks John. As usual, you’re “Johnny on the spot” with valuable information. So this a-hole had done this kind of horrific ‘treatment’ before on other unsuspecting patients. The “malice aforethought” part is even scarier than ‘just’ incompetence, and makes me especially thankful for the people who were around Missy when this idiot was plying his wicked craft. At the very least, I hope he is no longer allowed to practise anywhere after this. And now Missy is off with yet another family member in trouble. Enough already!

Thanks John for explaining. I understand now. Sounds like this guy has quite a history. He not only needs jail but a maxiumum security psycho ward - he obviously has some serious problems. How do people like this get to be doctors? It is quite a crazy world. At least, with what happened to you guys, is helping to finally nail this guy! This is one good thing that has come out of this - get this guy away from people! You both are doing a good thing and I hope you get millions out of this ( and maybe those other poor patients too someday!)! You and Missy are both in my thoughts (I know she is having more lemons in her life right now… :frowning: )

Your story just amazes me Missy. I have suffered because of doctors errors, but I think they were just idiots and not out to kill anyone. I am glad to hear that he is in jail where he can’t hurt anyone else - I hope they throw away the key. And I agree that the hospital should be held responsible. They should be doing background searches on any doctor that is allowed to practice in their hospital.

Wow… he sounds like a serial killer. :confused:

So glad to hea the bastard has been put in jail - and he and the hospital he works for won’t put others at risk. This is a good thing - and so glad you wrote to us about it. Times like this, for someone like me who is not highly religious - makes me think otherwise. Be blessed!!